Meet Ann, The Entrepreneur

Ann is a dynamic professional who knows what she wants to see happening with her business. She needs a working website for promotion, blog and online courses. She is aware that to grow her business she needs to have a strategy in place that helps her to stay in touch with her customers. What she does not want is to have to think about it every day. She wants marketing to work for her, and not the other way round.

What she needs

Internet Marketing Strategy

Including content, social media and email marketing to create a regular flow of valuable contact with her prospects and customers.

Website Set Up

For a website that looks great, works well, is easy to update and maintain, helps you to attract customers and convey your message you can leverage on our wide experience in communications, marketing and web.

What she might need

Turn-Key Workshops

Seminars, retreats or workshops are one of the most lucrative ways to generate wealth for the small business owners. We can help from conception to execution so that Anne can magnetize her audience, run a flawless training and cash in.

Editing Services

Anne writes articles which then are optimised for the different channels (web, email, print).


You know how the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. Newsletters allow Ann to bring tailor made content right into the inboxes of her clients. We help her with design, content and distribution.