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Centro Linguisitco per l’Impresa, a business language school located in Pesaro, Italy and founded in 1995, is specialized in in-company language courses. Its growth, result of direct networking and public bidding, was stagnating and its reputation rested on the prestige of its owner, with the risk that would he be unable to stay as the forefront of the academy, this flourishing business would be at significant risk. When asked about what kept him awake at night, our client, the director said:

“My academy is very well known and if I could clone myself, I could accept more clients. But, alas, cloning is not an option (yet)”.

The centre also wanted to further grow its other services, namely one-on-one & group courses. The challenge was to turn the individual prestige into a corporate one and position the company as an extension of its leader to further spur its growth.

Leveraging on internet & social media to showcase the school’s services and the benefits for the students, the centre can attract new clients and promote and sell new services to its existing clients.

  • We started by mapping out the local competitors, the keywords and trends in the language teaching industry, to identify business opportunities for CLI.
  • We created a responsive bilingual website (Italian and English) where the different languages offered by the centre and the most immediate benefit or reason to opt for a specific language are highlighted.
  • The combination of hand drew illustrations and iconic symbols like the Statue of Liberty and the Mona Lisa invite the visitor to envision the possibilities that come along with learning a new language, puting the focus on the services and benefits.
  • Stylised images project places without taking the focus from the information relevant to the visitor.
  • The solid logo (a lion on each side of a shield) in combination with fresh pastel colors communicate reliability (logo) with fun (teaching style).
  • The main function of the site is that of providing general information and upcoming courses.
  • Editing services: While the site was developed in WordPress to allow the client to publish news himself we provide editing of news.
  • Promotion of courses through news in social media (mainly Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter) and PPC advertising in Google, Facebook & Twitter.
  • Search Engine Optmization (SEO) strategy and actions to increase ranking in Google and other searchers.
  • Free resources to better position the site in Google and increase the amount of visitors, as well as giving visitors low risk opportunities to get to know the school and what it can meant to them.
Centro Linguistico per L'Impresa
Iconic symbols, illustrations and small blocks of optimized text invite the visitor to envision the possibilities that come along with learning a new language.
Centro Linguistico per L'Impresa cards
We gave consistency to the brand by defining all sorts of visual elements in a dedicated house style that included a logo suite for different applications & stationery.
Our vision on this project was to make it less corporate and introduce more personality. An important supporting aspect of the website is the illustration work. We made illustrations combining hand drew elements, iconic symbols  and  short texts to immediately communicate the nature of the business. The illustration style of pastel colors, stylised elements together with the classic logo conveys the philosophy of  the Centro Linguistico per l’Impresa:  reliable and modern.We also used edgy angles and sharp lines to keep the style formal and clear.

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